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A brief introduction to Jampur

April 21, 2010 27 comments

Jampur is a small city in Rajanpur District, south of Dera Ghazi Khan, in the centre of Pakistan. It comprises an area of about 8-10 square kilometres and has a population of almost 1,20,000.


Jampur is believed to have a long history. Evidence includes ‘Dalo Ra-oy Ka Theer’ from which antiques for more than 5000 years old were found. When the great Alexander the Greek decided to conquer the whole world, he came tot this region and was greatly impressed and inspired by the beauty of Queen Rukhsana, then according to the legend, he married her. A well-known soap (Raxona) by a multi-national company “Unilever” is named after her.

The main market of tobacco is situated here. The main crops of jampur are cotton, wheat, sugarcane and tobacco. Jampur is also famous for its wood work.

When Halaku Khan and Chengez Khan arrived here to conquer here, then Bhuds and other clans e.g., Arain, called “JAM” settled here as its land was famous for its fertility. Centuries ago, Jampur was known as “Jadampur”, when the population increased it became known as Jampur.

Most people of Jampur are related to agriculture directly or indirectly. Main market/City centre of Jampur is called ” SADAR BAZAR” which is very old market, while old city is situated at 15-20 Feet height then Read more…

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