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Fort Munro: The forgotten hill resort

November 12, 2011 9 comments

In year 2004, while I was posted to Multan, a friend offered me to visit Fort Munro – though I had heard of the name of the place, but never thought of visiting it. When I discussed with my family and a friend, the readily agreed to take up the trip. So one fine morning, which is very rare in Multan owing to its ever rising mercury in summers, we packed our luggage and headed towards Dera Ghazi Khan as Fort Munro lies on Multan Quetta highway that passes through the Read more…


Fort Munro (Anari Mool) – by Shirazi

April 20, 2010 2 comments

Fort Munro was originally known as Anari Mool, Balochi language words meaning hilltop with Pomegranate trees. In 1880, the British Commission of Layyah Division Mr. Munro developed this place and shifted here the summer headquarters of Layyah Division. The road from Dera Ghazi Khan to this place was constructed in 1880 and the name of place was changed to Fort Munro.

The vacation spot is now abounded by the rest houses of different government departments and private residences. Plaque of Munro house on the remains of old commissioner house and name plate of Robert Sandeman (the originator of Forward Policy) can also be seen near the relics of one of the old houses. It is impossible to describe the fort and Read more…

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