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Fort Munro: The forgotten hill resort

November 12, 2011 9 comments

In year 2004, while I was posted to Multan, a friend offered me to visit Fort Munro – though I had heard of the name of the place, but never thought of visiting it. When I discussed with my family and a friend, the readily agreed to take up the trip. So one fine morning, which is very rare in Multan owing to its ever rising mercury in summers, we packed our luggage and headed towards Dera Ghazi Khan as Fort Munro lies on Multan Quetta highway that passes through the Read more…


Dera Ghazi Khan

April 19, 2010 19 comments

Dera Ghazi Khan the Royal City of Balochistan until anglo time of 1857. But later British Empire separated it from Balochistan and it formed as the Division of Punjab Province in recent Pakistan. D.G. Khan was founded by Ghazi Khan in 1494 A.D. Dera Ghazi Khan always remained the center of Balochi Culture and civilization. It forms three major areas in its depth and they are Tribal Areas, semi Tribal Areas, and Nun Tribal Areas.

D.G. Khan contains one of Pakistan’s main Textile Industries. All five rivers of Punjab including the Indus River flow through out this region. And combine them into one near Kot Mithan. Main Tribes of Dera Ghazi Read more…

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