Historical Background of Saraiki Language – Maqbool Hassan Gilani

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This paper explores the origin of Siraiki language and its evolution from Ariyan to


Muslims rule. It talks about different theories of Siraiki language. It reveals that Siraiki


language borrowed linguistic



items from Arabic and Persian. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the developmental phases of Siraiki language in Siraiki areas and the influence of the rulers who brought significant changes in Siraiki language. It gives a comprehensive detail of the etymology of word Siraiki. In the wake of Ariyan’s arrival it was called Seen Dab and Warchada. However, it changed gradually from Saveras to Siraiki.
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History of Saraiki Language

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The history of Saraiki language dates back to even Sanskrit languages as the modern linguists concluded that it was not the Sanskrit language that was spoken in sub-continent (Raman, 1988).From history; it is evident that people of this part of the world did not speak Sanskrit during their first and second phase of development. They started speaking Sanksrit during the third and fourth stage of Aryans settlement in this area of the world. In fact, it was the age
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Non-state actors – Shakir Shuja Abadi

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Allah Ditta Lonay Wala, a prolific folk singer – Dr Amjad Parvez

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Allah Ditta Loney Wala was born in a village Loney Wala near Chiniot in Punjab in 1957. His father’s name was Mian Santa Khan who had three sons, Santa being the eldest. Allah Ditta’s father wanted Allah Ditta to become a doctor and serve the community of the village and heighten the name of their community. Allah Ditta did make his village’s name known to the world but in a different capacity; by becoming a folk singer of repute.

Allah Ditta was admitted in a Government School where he started singing in ‘Bazm-e-Adab’. His teachers were astonished by listening to a delightful, sweet and tuneful voice which was a gift of God. The school
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This is why I think Pakistan needs a Saraiki province – Raza Habib Raja

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We know that Pakistan is an ethnically diverse society and such societies actually require a decentralised political arrangement. However, due to a strong centre primarily dominated by Punjab, there are widespread and mostly justified complaints from the smaller provinces.

The dominance of Punjab is springing from a host of possible reasons, which are: high population allowing it to dominate legislature; resource allocation mechanism which is based on
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Fort Munro: The forgotten hill resort

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In year 2004, while I was posted to Multan, a friend offered me to visit Fort Munro – though I had heard of the name of the place, but never thought of visiting it. When I discussed with my family and a friend, the readily agreed to take up the trip. So one fine morning, which is very rare in Multan owing to its ever rising mercury in summers, we packed our luggage and headed towards Dera Ghazi Khan as Fort Munro lies on Multan Quetta highway that passes through the Read more…

The Fire Burns – by Mohammad Ayub

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اے مچ تساڈا بلدا پئے
محمد ایوب

راتیں ٹھڈیاں ٹھار سہی
ہوند تساڈی سیک ودی
گھپ ہنیرے رستے تھئے
تساں چندر ہتھاں وچ Read more…

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